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Monday, April 23, 2018
Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority

Making a Complaint Against a Broker

If you have a complaint against your broker, talk to your broker about it as soon as possible. If this does not resolve the matter, send a written complaint to the firm that employs the broker requesting a meeting with the branch manager or compliance officer to discuss your concerns.

If you have a complaint against a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory organization of Canada (IIROC) you have two options for seeking a resolution.

  • Contact the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI) for a free, independent and impartial dispute resolution service. OBSI may conduct independent investigations into client complaints and IDA Member firms are required to fully cooperate. OBSI's recommendations for resolution may include compensation, and any that are not accepted by firms will be published. Learn more about OBSI at

  • Access IIROC's arbitration program to have your dispute heard by an independent, impartial arbitrator. This independent program is cheaper and faster than pursuing a case through the civil court system, and the decision is binding. Learn more about arbitration at

Making a Complaint to FCAA

If the matter still remains unresolved or if you have a complaint that is not against a broker, you will need to file a written complaint with Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority (FCAA).

Provide a description of your problem, when it happened, and the names of those involved. Also give us your name, address, and telephone number. We keep complaints confidential, but we must be able to contact you for more information.

Send this information to:

Securities Division
Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority
601- 1919 Saskatchewan Drive
Regina, SK S4P 4H2
Telephone (306) 787-5645
Fax (306) 787-5899


What FCAA Can Do

  • We will review your complaint to determine whether there has been a breach of Saskatchewan securities laws.

  • We will investigate the alleged misconduct and may impose administrative sanctions.

  • We may refer some complaints to other agencies, if appropriate.

  • We will advise you of the final outcome of our investigation into your complaint. However, bear in mind that a review and investigation can be a lengthy process.


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