Government of Saskatchewan
Sunday, January 21, 2018
Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority
An Application for Registration of a Pension Plan must be filed with the Superintendent of Pensions by the employer or board of trustees, no later than 60 days after the establishment of the plan.  A filing fee and required documents must accompany the Application.  See the related document below for the Application and instructions for completing the Application.  


Certified copies of the following documents must be filed before the pension plan can be registered:

  • the pension plan text
  • any document that creates the plan or under which the plan is constituted
  • any trust deed or agreement, insurance contract, by-law or resolution relating to the plan
  • any agreement relating to the investment of the pension fund of the plan
  • any other document that relates to the administration of the plan
  • the valuation report and cost certificate (for defined benefit plans only)
  • the explanation or summary of the plan provided to the plan members

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