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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority

April 2016 - As a result of a complaint FCAA has become aware of a number of dealers wholesaling vehicles to unlicensed individuals, also known as curbers. This is contrary to section 5-20 (1) of the Consumer Protection and Business Practices Act regulations.

April 2016 - Prior to the sale contract, the new Vehicle Dealer Regulations place a limit on the deposit collected by dealers from a prospective buyer. Deposits may not be greater than 2 per cent of the list price of a vehicle before a purchase is made.

April 2016 - Dealers need to tell the buyer all the details about a vehicle before it is sold. These details are referred to as “Material Disclosure” in the new regulations.

April 2016 - The new regulations provide for a minimum warranty on the sale of some used vehicles. If a used vehicle has less than 200,000 kilometres, the dealer must provide a minimum warranty on the power train for 30 days or 1,000 kilometres, whichever occurs first.

August 28, 2015 - Saskatchewan's new vehicle dealer Regulations have been passed as part of The Consumer Protection and Business Practices Amendment Regulations, 2015. The new regulations are expected to come into force in 2016.

Nov. 12, 2016 - The new vehicle dealer regulations in The Consumer Protection and Business Practices Act (CPBPA) prohibit a person from selling and leasing vehicles without a licence (curbing).

Feb. 10, 2017 - This “program” operates with business practices that violates The Consumer Protection and Business Practices Act (the Act)

Feb. 16, 2017 - the attached compliance order that was issued to Kelly and Bell Holdings LTD. DBA - Acura Centre of Saskatoon.

June 13, 2017 - Kyle Martin pleaded guilty at Humboldt Provincial Court to 13 counts of operating as a vehicle dealer without a licence.

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