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Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Your credit report matters

Your credit report plays an important role in your financial life. Making sure it is accurate is vital for long-term financial health. Inaccurate or incomplete information on your report might block you from doing important things like getting a mortgage for a new home or buying a vehicle.

Credit reporting agencies track your credit history and use it to determine your credit rating. You play an important role in ensuring your report is accurate and you should regularly check your report to safeguard against risks like identity theft.

Fixing your report:

If you think your credit report has inaccurate or incomplete information in it: 

  • Contact the credit reporting agency to have it corrected, completed or deleted;
  • If you cannot resolve the issue with the agency, contact the FCAA’s Consumer Protection Division, we may be able to help;
  • You are entitled, free of charge, to a clear and accurate disclosure of all information in your credit file upon your request (a credit report), including the names of persons who have requested a copy of your credit report in the last six months.

Protecting consumers
The Registrar of Credit Reporting may order the amendment or deletion of information that doesn’t comply with the legislation. The Registrar may also restrict or prohibit credit reporting agencies from using certain information on your file. The Registrar may also order the credit reporting agency to notify you or anyone who has received a copy of your credit report of any amendment, deletion or restriction to your credit history.

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