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Saturday, May 26, 2018
Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority

Budgeting, managing debt and speaking with a financial professional about your investments will ensure that your finances are in order and help you live worry-free while living in retirement.

You can also keep your money and your financial identity safe by being aware of the risks and taking steps to protect yourself.

Manage Your Money

  • Saving Money: How to meet your financial goals, how to save even more, and investing your savings.

  • Budget Calculator: Use this calculator to find out if you can put more of your money toward financial goals -- like saving for retirement or paying down your debt!

  • Choosing a Bank Account Tool: Which chequing and savings account is right for you?

  • About Budgeting: Everything you ever wanted to know about budgeting.

  • Caring for a Loved One can be emotionally and financially difficult. Learn more about planning ahead and knowing where to get help so you make important decisions with confidence.

  • How long will your money last: Consider these questions when creating a retirement plan.

  • Living Your Retirement: Learn about ways to manage your income in retirement so that your savings last.

  • Buy or Rent?: Is buying a home a good investment for you or are you better off renting? This calculator can shed some light on one of the biggest purchases you can make.


  • Mortgage Tools: Use these tools to find out what kind of mortgage you can afford and options for making manageable payments.

  • Morgage Calculator: Calculate mortgage payments, see the impact of changing the length of your mortgage, the interest rate, and your payments.  Credit Card Selector Tool

  • Credit Card Payment Calculator: Compares three different payment options for paying off your credit card balance.

  • Credit Card Selector Tool: Compares features to help you find the credit card that's best for you.


  • Investing Basics: Learn about the fundamentals of investing with easy to follow explanations, worksheets, checklists, and more.

  • Investor Tools and Information: The basics of investing, working with an adviser, understanding your investments, and avoiding fraud.

  • Investment Tolerance Quiz: This quiz will give you an idea of how much risk you are really willing to take with your money. A key piece of information you need before investing!


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