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Saturday, March 17, 2018
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Golf Punch Cards don’t expire at season’s end.

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Before you hit the links, it’s important to know Golf Punch Cards cannot expire. If you buy a punch card with rounds of golf on it and you don’t use up the rounds by the end of season, hold on to it! The card holds its value from season to season.

Golfing punch cards are covered under the Gift Card legislation found in The Consumer Protection and Business Practices Act.


A golf course may change the physical instrument (e.g. a paper card is reissued as a plastic card with an electronic chip) from season to season. Courses can reissue a new card with the remaining value of the money spent on the old card.

  • If the card was not purchased (e.g. given away for free as a promotional item), it is allowed to expire.
  • If the card is sold with additional offers, the additional offers may expire. For example, a ten-round punch card may include a free, 11th bonus round included in it, the 11th bonus round may expire.

Tips to protect yourself

Reduce your exposure to loss by asking the right questions and limiting risk;

  • Hang on to your golf punch card at the end of season if you haven’t redeemed its full value.
  • Read the fine print; ask what limitations and conditions are on the pass before you buy it.
  • If the golf course goes out of business or changes ownership, it may be difficult or unlikely to get the value owed on the punch pass.

Call Consumer Protection Division

If you have questions about golf punch passes or the Gift Card legislation, you can contact us toll free at 1-877-880-5550 or by email:

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