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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Was that vehicle in a crash?

Crashed Car

When you buy from a licensed dealer, they need to tell you important facts about the vehicle you’re looking at. If a vehicle has been in a crash, or was damaged in shipping, you deserve to know before you hand over your money.

Sharing the information

This is known as disclosure of material facts.

Material facts are information known to the dealer or that the dealer should reasonably be expected to know. These facts may influence your decision to buy, and they include, but are not limited to:

New Vehicles

  • If the vehicle suffered damage requiring repairs costing more than 20 per cent of the asking price of the vehicle;

Used vehicles

  • a current printed VIN search result provided by Saskatchewan Government Insurance;
  • whether the vehicle has been used as a taxi, police or emergency vehicle or in organized racing;
  • if the vehicle has been owned by a vehicle rental company within the previous 24 months;
  • if the vehicle was previously registered in a jurisdiction other than a jurisdiction in Canada within the previous 36 months;
  • whether the vehicle has been brought into Canada specifically for the purpose of resale;
  • whether the odometer of the vehicle:

a. does not accurately record the true distance travelled by the vehicle; or
b. has been replaced or altered.

Repair Facilities

In the case of a new or used vehicle, the dealer must tell you where a repair facility is available if the nearest facility is more than 80 kilometres from the dealer’s premises. 

The VIN search

Dealers must provide you with an SGI VIN search for Saskatchewan, and they can also give you information from VIN searches of other jurisdictions as well, including jurisdictions outside Canada, for vehicle damage information and other types of information.

Buyers are encouraged to check additional resources to find information before buying. These sources include:

Failure to Disclose

If the dealer fails to disclose all the required facts, you may be able to recover money for losses suffered, for example, expensive repairs, or you may be able to trade-in or return the vehicle to the dealer.

Please note: A person who buys a vehicle privately is not protected in this way.

Call Consumer Protection Division

If you have questions about the Disclosure Requirements or want to file a complaint, you can contact us toll free at 1-877-880-5550 or by email:

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