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Monday, April 23, 2018
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Three warranties to keep you covered

computer, shoe, fridge, paint swatches, phone

Did you know when you buy something in Saskatchewan it comes with warranties? Most people know they can buy additional and extended warranties from retailers for things like televisions, computers and furniture. It’s important to know there are also automatic warranties offered under provincial law when goods are purchased.

1. Description Warranty

Products must match the description made in ads, writing and verbal accounts. If someone is selling something, it has to be accurately described and match the product for sale.

For example: If an ad says a fridge comes with an automated ice cube maker and water dispenser, it should.

2. Durability Warranty

Goods must be durable for a reasonable period of time. Depending on the description of the product, the price you paid and required maintenance, it should perform as intended.

For example: If you bought a brand new television, took it home and it conked out shortly after, you can ask the retailer to help with fixing or replacing the television.

3. Matching Warranty

The quality of many products is often demonstrated with samples. The samples shown to consumers must match the rest of the purchased goods.

For example: Paint swatches, flooring samples and other construction materials are often demonstrated with samples before a sale is made. The colour of the paint in the cans must match the swatches. Flooring samples must match the quality and description of the full order.

Exercising your warranty rights

Be sure to keep records, invoices and receipts of your purchases. Most retailers will require proof of purchase and documentation when you want to exercise your warranty rights.

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The warranties listed above may have some exceptions or qualifications. There are also additional warranties in the Act not mentioned here. You can learn more about warranties provided under The Consumer Protection and Business Practices Act.

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